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Embed: 1 800 PAIN - BNE (OFFICIAL AUDIO)–(YouTube)
Report post - No.1395  [Reply]
nailgun world

File: 1635713331864.mp4–(19.38MB, 1280x720, 0:00, happyhalloween.mp4)
Report post - No.1375  [Reply]  >>1381
It's almost time, Nailgunners. The clock is ticking. Be on your local VaultF4 server for Halloween fun!!!! And remember the big giveaway at the witching hour. Don't miss it. And don't forget to wear your nailgun masks. The clock is ticking. It's almost time......
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¨ Report post - No.1381  >>1386
1635726126127.jpg–(118.08KB, 740x745, sa.jpeg)
Where are the players Vintage
¨ Report post - No.1386  >>1388
1635730647746.png–(13.63KB, 397x430, foreskin.png)
where are the players shootist
¨ Report post - No.1388
no respect players wondering why their shitty server setup and annoying unfunny players do not attract attention from most tf2c players

File: 1635293219128.jpg–(14.40KB, 250x250, 32C8DB75-3C96-4137-9C15-F5FF04A24161.jpeg)
Report post - No.1329  [Reply]
They’ve already obtained so much power. If they don’t stop themselves, when will someone else stop them? Soon enough they could be posting YOUR name.
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¨ Report post - No.1337  >>1364
¨ Report post - No.1364  >>1376
1635660977095.png–(47.40KB, 853x194, 2021-10-30 23_13_21-射钉枪世界 — Mozilla Fi)
1. funny 1337
2. that isnt me
¨ Report post - No.1376
nice inspect element

File: 1635711298952.jpg–(50.82KB, 512x512, images.jpeg)
Report post - No.1373  [Reply]
hello sirs greeting from india i would like to play teafmortress 2 classic where is download thank you sirs
¨ Report post - No.1374
"How do you like them apples" - Reagy

File: 1635630420551.jpg–(3.46MB, 1580x2515, iceberg-1.jpg)
Report post - No.1355  [Reply]
How many layers deep are you, friend?
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¨ Report post - No.1359
>Random crits are bad
Random crits are good
¨ Report post - No.1365
I'm groomer deep
¨ Report post - No.1372
Diaper "Raids"?

File: 1635675022849.png–(2.04MB, 1228x1218, halloweenTape.png)
Report post - No.1367  [Reply]
I hope everyone has a very fun Halloween! We don't celebrate it much over here but the spookiness will hopefully sine through for all to be frightened.
¨ Report post - No.1371
I hope you have a happy halloween too anyways, Glommerska.

Report post - No.1351  [Reply]
Scary Halloween Diaper Date? Y/N?
¨ Report post - No.1353  >>1354, >>1370
how do i make my diaper spooky
¨ Report post - No.1354
put some little ghost stickers on it, or maybe make it look like a pumpkin!
¨ Report post - No.1370
truly nothing is scarier than a leaking diaper!

File: 1635644242033.jpg–(222.65KB, 1920x1080, everytime.jpg)
Report post - No.1358  [Reply]
what can be done to fix dom hydro?
>inb4 lol remove it
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¨ Report post - No.1363  >>1368, >>1369
1635660466635.png–(3.79KB, 400x400, me.png)
Even a perfectly balanced Hydro isn't perfectly balanced in the context of 4-team because of how heavily it relies on what the current players are doing; a good team could be getting clowned on by the other three teams at the same time. It means that the varied geometry of Hydro amounts to a pleasant benefit. It's essentially self-correcting.

I think it's currently very close to what could be considered truly great for a map of its kind. Mirroring points would annihilate Hydro's unique character and may not even be feasible due to the necessity of designing new connectors and brush/entity limits. On the other hand, I see nothing wrong with making small adjustments to the layout to get players into fights faster while preventing teams from utilizing one-dimensional cheese strategies every round.

I feel that Yellow has historically had a very strong point; the new doorway gives a new angle of attack for red and blue, but yellow can just as easily utilize it themselves. I would predict that win rates are something like 4 for red, 2 for blue, 2 for yellow, and 1 for green. Not impossible for green, but it's uphill at the moment. There's a lurking variable in that good players will instinctually stack red team when a match begins, leading to a sort of brain drain from the other 3 teams; I'm not too worried about overnerfing red if it means it will get players to disperse more evenly.

The point about demos trapping an enclosed red point is of definite concern, but I think that providing the cover is ultimately more important. It's still possible to spam out people standing on the point, so I would think that a camping heavy isn't much of a problem. It's a demo having to set up a trap on an enclosed point before anybody gets there versus a demo being able to freely spam onto the point from anywhere around it.
¨ Report post - No.1368
¨ Report post - No.1369
can i see them titties

File: 1635670364222.png–(49.17KB, 1158x197, Screenshot_20211031_035225.png)
Report post - No.1366  [Reply]

File: 1635547541874.mp4–(389.72KB, 576x578, 0:00, out.mp4)
Report post - No.1350  [Reply]

¨ Report post - No.1352

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