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File: 1624309589190.jpg–(32.30KB, 612x408, what am i looking at.jpg)
Report post - No.93  [Reply]  >>97, >>100
idk how this works
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¨ Report post - No.104  >>106
hi swa how you doin buddy
¨ Report post - No.106
¨ Report post - No.108
1624310247703.jpg–(277.45KB, 1920x1080, comedynight.jpg)
this is swa how's everyone doin tonight

File: 1624308269226.png–(115.52KB, 600x600, 1620463542577.png)
Report post - No.66  [Reply]
Anyone else use the Überspritze?
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¨ Report post - No.91
Lmao, true; if they ever do add anything that serves a similar function to the crossbow in the game, I really hope that they break out of this mold, because tbh, the medic more than any other class is in need of an interesting primary weapon
¨ Report post - No.94  >>105
1624309613467.jpg–(0.98MB, 1240x2005, Fiat Lux by vincenzo lamolinara.jpg)
I'd absolutely say that the Crusader's changes up your playstyle, in that you are rewarded for aiming, which isn't something Medic is normally concerned with outside the odd teammate who was knocked above your head. This is a subtle distinction, in the same way gunboats changes your style.
¨ Report post - No.105
I don't really think that qualifies as changing a playstyle though. With the gunboats it makes sense as it just furthers the roamer style, but.. allowing a class that doesnt normally need to aim to.. aim? I mean, yes, it's different from stock medic but it's just a core fps gameplay mechanic. It's still projectile like the syringe gun, just based on a different use, and something you rarely keep out for more than half a second unless you're a psycho.

File: 1624305186600.png–(10.27KB, 1150x567, Tumblr_l_191079660967950.png)
Report post - No.28  [Reply]
how do i play engineer in tf2c and not suck at it
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¨ Report post - No.75
Uncle Gayne

You guys can leave now.
¨ Report post - No.80  >>81
1624308844735.jpg–(449.63KB, 762x1500, Wilhelm Kotarbiński.jpg)
>No. 52
Something I like to do is just like, build stuff. Even when it's dangerous or scary. It distracts people really well, allowing you to just gun them down.
¨ Report post - No.81
I've had my life saved by just placing a sentry behind me as I run from a soldier or scout. It's so easy

Report post - No.59  [Reply]
None of you will even come close to a fraction of the power us scatter gun users have
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¨ Report post - No.61
no way this isn't aceknow
¨ Report post - No.62
1624307846948.jpg–(76.67KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)
¨ Report post - No.64
1624308111963.jpg–(88.04KB, 900x1124, Brian Serway.jpg)
Pleasing women isn't that difficult. Nor is using the scattergun. Being able to click on people isn't impressive. Consistently predicting an opponent's movement ahead of time and letting them walk into your nails is just as satisfying as a meaty -105.

File: 1624301952333.jpg–(67.31KB, 500x604, Sean Haatre.jpg)
Report post - No.5 Locked  [Reply]

¨ Report post - No.57
1624307224256.jpg–(161.83KB, 1280x1062, elkantlershield.jpg)

File: 1624305184966.png–(348.86KB, 720x708, 1623934838429.png)
Report post - No.27  [Reply]
wish god would take me

File: 1624303529124.jpg–(405.74KB, 750x620, 7FB80294-B614-41DA-8985-EB5E83DE65E1.jpeg)
Report post - No.16  [Reply]

¨ Report post - No.25

File: 1624303291429.jpg–(211.83KB, 2048x1724, 1621551112501.jpg)
Report post - No.14  [Reply]  >>15, >>17
team fortress 2 (classic) is the true successor to the arena shooter genre. i cannot think of any other game derived from quake that still has players.
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¨ Report post - No.18  >>19
overwatch is informed by mobas, tf2 still has quake-ish movement
i said still has players
¨ Report post - No.19
1624303894101.png–(205.86KB, 1010x280, xonotic.png)
probably more alive than TF2C
¨ Report post - No.24
by successor to the arena shooter genre i mean it has made a meaningful change, most arena shooters are trying to build off quake 3 (which is like trying to make a change to chess). tf2 lowered the barrier to entry and kept a high skill ceiling (unlike overwatch)

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