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File: 1624315574030.png–(153.82KB, 1920x507, reports.png)
Report post - No.224  [Reply]
Stop reporting this shit.

File: 1624315460857.jpg–(9.72KB, 248x250, 33ac9f3f836edca1037db9742ee91148249610d7.jpg)
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¨ Report post - No.221
¨ Report post - No.223
1624315559373.png–(171.93KB, 320x480, banana.png)
rolling to become a pony!!!

File: 1624310868597.png–(205.43KB, 346x512, Bob Fisto.png)
Report post - No.117  [Reply]  >>126, >>145
Bob Fisto
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¨ Report post - No.188
Not one man can stop him!
¨ Report post - No.194  >>196
1624314345801.jpg–(308.55KB, 718x718, hands2.jpg)
I haven't seen Bob in a long time. Are they still around?
¨ Report post - No.196
he stopped playing due to losing his login, i believe. he'd also get pissed IG constantly if he got killed by people and end up leaving, so maybe he got tired of the act

Embed: Mallard reads for kev–(YouTube)
Report post - No.63  [Reply]

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¨ Report post - No.156  >>164, >>177
1624312881378.png–(147.15KB, 1880x745, Screenshot 2021-06-21 at 17-47-44 Videogames are a)
i was talking generally about internet culture but gaming is a place you can see it really clearly. if you talk about wanting community in your game people will just point to discord, which sucks.
i feel like thats what we're doing
¨ Report post - No.164  >>177
honestly id say its even more prevalent in the general internet than just gaming, but for gaming and the internet as a whole i feel we can chalk that up to everything becoming a mainstay

also yeah, we're trying obviously.. but its still just our community. playing online games sucks
¨ Report post - No.177
1624313723949.jpg–(1.06MB, 1920x2715, janisFromMars.jpg)
>>156 >>164
Crafting active, online communities is difficult to do when you're competing with traditional social media like FB or Twitter. They can offer you everything you like, all the time; why settle for a niche of your life, when you can have all the things in your life?

This is the main difference between the internet of before and today. Everything has to be faster moving, more things to quickly entertain you. Discord is endemic in this modern internet: "posts" never last for more than a few minutes in an active server. Why bother formatting when the conversation never ends? No closure on ideas, means they are always worth discarding.

Crafting and creating niches are what can actually keep communities alive. Interesting discussions about things they genuinely love are what keep people coming back, not quick-fix drips of a feed or channel.

File: 1624313323181.png–(1.93MB, 1200x1384, the_wicked_bitch.png)
Report post - No.167  [Reply]  >>174
¨ Report post - No.170
MARGARET THATCHER IS DEAD (A Bruno Powroznik classic)–(YouTube)
thanks for spoilering, my mom almost saw
¨ Report post - No.174
1624313562876.jpg–(79.20KB, 925x583, respectful.jpg)
I have no strong feelings for or against the subject matter.

File: 1624310729523.gif–(1.37MB, 264x264, shiggydiggy.gif)
Report post - No.112  [Reply]
anybody watch seinfeld
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¨ Report post - No.165  >>168
im trans btw, not sure if that matters
¨ Report post - No.168  >>172
1624313342568.png–(18.88KB, 112x112, zox.png)
¨ Report post - No.172
1624313486267.png–(19.52KB, 112x112, forsenT.png)

File: 1624312996427.png–(180.38KB, 700x444, Untitled.png)
Report post - No.158  [Reply]
Check dat motha fucka.
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¨ Report post - No.163
1624313166672.jpg–(44.28KB, 768x622, Ca876e.jpg)
Fuck you. Rollan'
¨ Report post - No.166
1624313316197.gif–(494.26KB, 500x375, jail.gif)
Get dubs to get these young innocent black men out of da county!
¨ Report post - No.169
1624313385157.gif–(1.56MB, 364x273, 6c469b84dc22d8d38b259a6181a779f5.gif)
Ayo we free n shit!!!

File: 1624312666608.png–(184.91KB, 360x370, 50wordemail.png)
Report post - No.151  [Reply]  >>155, >>159
>be me
>200 word essay due by the end of summer

what the fuck do i do guys? dont want to fail english
¨ Report post - No.155
you gotta be trolling you can do that in like half a hour
¨ Report post - No.157
post the requirements and let us write it >:)
¨ Report post - No.159
>he fell for the english meme

Report post - No.82  [Reply]  >>86, >>88
should i
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¨ Report post - No.120
Take your pills. This is TRUE. I have insider info via my messenger birds.
¨ Report post - No.122
1624311011588.gif–(174.20KB, 128x128, 834529458773688380.gif)
>no heavy shield
why live
¨ Report post - No.128
imposters among us

File: 1624305851093.png–(42.06KB, 250x170, DCE6B0D0-6852-47C4-A350-9942E3FBA6E9.png)
Report post - No.34  [Reply]  >>41
would you rather see new weapons get designed for tf2c, or have the 'good ones' backported?
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¨ Report post - No.83
1624309121756.png–(24.91KB, 500x337, 1614958008064.png)
¨ Report post - No.87  >>109
1624309264407.jpg–(492.83KB, 1811x1920, Bogdan Rezunenko2.jpg)
Having a lot of weapons is fun, but I really like it when they're notably different.

Nailgun vs scattergun is great! So is mine layer vs stickybomb launcher.

Having meaningful choices and changes in playstyle is what I want in a weapon, not just "Shotgun 2" or "Flaregun 2"
¨ Report post - No.109
i really don't think there should be a lot of weapons. live tf2 feels very random because the game was tacked onto for years. i think proper planning in tf2c would avoid this problem, but i imagine it would wind up like OldSchool Runescape / WoW classic where it becomes a do-over that becomes something unrecognizable from the base game again

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