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File: 1624317581796.png–(497.91KB, 994x880, today i loled.png)
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¨ Report post - No.282
what da dog doin
¨ Report post - No.283

File: 1624316741568.jpg–(147.60KB, 640x419, 1132818810440.jpg)
Report post - No.258  [Reply]
What are some epic TF2C fails?
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¨ Report post - No.278
The game launching is the biggest epic fail imo

File: 1624316675403.jpg–(144.32KB, 870x450, 1139119881287.jpg)
Report post - No.253  [Reply]
Do Americans Really?
¨ Report post - No.261  >>262
1624316897776.jpg–(740.70KB, 651x1024, Steinahlíð.jpg)
Someone is going to have to explain the Mouse Heads to me.
¨ Report post - No.262
its mouses like the mouses with reindeer horns

Embed: Ceephax Acid Crew Sidney's Sizzler Planet Mu Records Ltd–(YouTube)
Report post - No.248  [Reply]  >>254
post a song you like :3
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¨ Report post - No.252
The Acacia Strain - Nailgun–(YouTube)

¨ Report post - No.254
¨ Report post - No.257
The Great Escape–(YouTube)

File: 1624316183820.jpg–(183.70KB, 713x1024, 20th+Annual+GLAAD+Media+Awards+Arrivals+Sz-q2YpeID)
Report post - No.243  [Reply]
post 4 free admin
¨ Report post - No.246
1624316320226.jpg–(91.64KB, 500x761, esaoAnsdrew4.jpg)
What does being an admin allow you to do anyways? The UI here is so limited.

File: 1624301779950.gif–(568.50KB, 850x1138, DVA.gif)
Report post - No.2  [Reply]  >>6

¨ Report post - No.4
no i think range is better on nailgun
¨ Report post - No.6
1624302091193.png–(73.02KB, 1214x1296, b5c.png)
Scatterguns are known to cause cancer in the state of California.

File: 1624304396239.png–(122.95KB, 760x772, Screen-Shot-2017-10-17-at-3.49.51-PM.png)
Report post - No.22  [Reply]
Why doesn't TF2C use matchmaking?
¨ Report post - No.26
1624304792604.jpg–(19.78KB, 352x360, 1623429065201.jpg)
scattercels now unable to find a lobby

File: 1624303951933.jpg–(17.63KB, 258x387, Team_Fortress_Classic_box.jpg)
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I am forgotten...
¨ Report post - No.21
ff-schrape 5vs5 FortressOne (qwtf) PUG featuring Justice (Feb 19th 2021)–(YouTube)
I still live, bitch...

File: 1624315479479.png–(1.83MB, 1920x1080, image0gmod.png)
Report post - No.220  [Reply]
How is single player gmod so startling?
¨ Report post - No.231
i started walking around rp_downtown_v2 and almost shit my pants when i heard an ambient sound, so creepy!!

File: 1624314648764.jpg–(185.23KB, 850x1133, external-content.jpeg)
Report post - No.203  [Reply]  >>215
What's the optimum amount of times to masturbate a day without negatively affecting your sleep schedule?

Also, what is your favorite class?
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¨ Report post - No.214
1624315088931.jpg–(27.56KB, 489x443, 1620011732073-0.jpg)
masturbation causes fatigue and hair loss
¨ Report post - No.215
1624315178747.jpg–(184.36KB, 1038x1920, 5ft.jpeg)
About ten. One for each class.


Who is that girl, she looks built for BBC
¨ Report post - No.228
This number is going to be extremely variable because what constitutes as masturbation is going to be different for everyone. There needn't be a need to climax, nor does there have to be a single orgasm in one session. There's some evidence that masturbation sans climax can improve quality of sleep and with keeping a sleep schedule, while orgasming is associated with a perceived better sleep outcome (i.e. people think the sleep is better), but no necessarily actual better sleep.


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