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File: 1624934175314.jpg–(56.32KB, 325x451, monkeytnt.jpg)
Report post - No.761  [Reply]  >>787
>demoman will have a monkey suicide bomber weapon that he lets out of a barrel and you can control the monkey and it has a dynamite pack around his chest and you choose when he blows up
>it will operate similarly to the recon droid or the rocket weapon from star wars battlefront 2 (2005)
>demo will be completely immobile when deploying his monkey pal
>taunting with the weapon will cause demo to feed bananas into the barrel and scream "AYE! 'TIS AS FUN AS A BARREL O' MONKIES"
>similar to the spycrab taunt, taunting will unlock a tauntsuicide where demo opens the barrel and the monkey, in a manic panic, tears demo to shreds, with the killcam being a close up of the monkey's shit eating grin
>exploding the monkey will let out a GIANT PRIMATE BLAST

This weapon will NOT be added to TF2C. This is totally a joke, it is NOT a serious weapon...
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¨ Report post - No.771  >>774
pro tip you can reply to multiple people like this
¨ Report post - No.774
I know.
¨ Report post - No.787
1624952496734.png–(16.78KB, 127x128, 617104431158394902.png)
Don't taunt?

Hit the bricks pal, ya' done!

Embed: Meet the Door–(YouTube)
Report post - No.786  [Reply]
The Door

File: 1624651128816.png–(72.25KB, 250x335, nailgun.png)
Report post - No.712  [Reply]
reply if you're a true nailhead
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¨ Report post - No.745
1624897183161.jpg–(1.26MB, 1181x1523, walkure.jpg)
Okay, memes aside, I just really like the nailgun. It's fun to use and fun to try and dodge.
¨ Report post - No.753
Nailgun cool
¨ Report post - No.759
I've loved using the damn thing ever since 2.0.2. Peppering people down with moderate effectiveness just never gets old and I don't know why

File: 1624924859297.png–(117.03KB, 316x376, Lack of Visibility.png)
Report post - No.754  [Reply]  >>758
And if so, should it be its own map or just replace the day version?
¨ Report post - No.758
Replace, day version of badwater feels so fucking boring and samey. I already play enough of pl, at least have the skybox be different.

File: 1624914436802.jpg–(402.12KB, 1280x1024, vip_badwater.jpg)
Report post - No.749  [Reply]
Learn a thing or two while you're here.
¨ Report post - No.752  >>756, >>757
1624918148625.jpg–(27.01KB, 256x256, 4B293F59-B1AE-4861-A33E-E1298DBE45FC.jpeg)

¨ Report post - No.756
¨ Report post - No.757
load-bearing coconut

Report post - No.750  [Reply]
¨ Report post - No.751

File: 1624905723234.jpg–(21.00KB, 222x406, there is no such thing.jpg)
Report post - No.747  [Reply]  >>748
There is no such thing as a coincidence. The fact you're reading this thread means your energetically aligned with me and this message. Your thoughts create your reality. But you already knew that. Yet, you still play payload and badwater. That is because, when you visualize your dream life, you unconsciously believe that it is unrealistic.
¨ Report post - No.748

File: 1624897918714.jpg–(94.03KB, 1200x1200, 9E3004A9-595A-4000-AD55-CA3882E081FB.jpeg)
Report post - No.746  [Reply]

File: 1624832312871.jpg–(1.93MB, 2594x1946, gorillatroop_01b_lg-5cb82a87f2969a3e4208d3db85408e)
Report post - No.721  [Reply]

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¨ Report post - No.723
how do i know if i'm based
¨ Report post - No.737
you wouldn't ask that if you were based. A based person would just know
¨ Report post - No.744
1624897093379.png–(658.17KB, 902x514, munkey.png)
Ook ook! Ahh!

Embed: Team Fortress 2 Griefing: Dig Dug–(YouTube)
Report post - No.739  [Reply]
how do i troll in tf2c
¨ Report post - No.741
use the rpg

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