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File: 1625411735228.gif–(628.51KB, 400x344, FrequentScholarlyGoosefish-size_restricted.gif)
Report post - No.870  [Reply]  >>877
Reply to this with a character and or base or idea and I'll draw something. My only rules are no genitals and no faggotry.
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¨ Report post - No.873  >>874
1625418076016.png–(247.35KB, 492x750, tumblr_oly6cwBAAV1w2i1g8o1_500.png)
Beleth in a wedding dress giving a footjob to a trans horse
¨ Report post - No.874
Sure give me a few.
¨ Report post - No.877
1625433156290.jpg–(3.42MB, 1872x680, WOAHsailormoonCOOL.jpg)
sailor mars is really cool draw her!!! kthxbai!!1! :3

File: 1625421732892.png–(1.38MB, 1186x769, nailgunworld.png)
Report post - No.876  [Reply]

File: 1625318044016.jpg–(158.12KB, 666x499, 1139285119056.jpg)
Report post - No.854  [Reply]  >>855
Post kittehs
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¨ Report post - No.866  >>867
1625334058048.jpg–(88.48KB, 347x364, 1152941636914.jpg)
>hewp me !!
¨ Report post - No.867
1625346953156.jpg–(409.65KB, 347x364, sendinghugzzz.jpg)
¨ Report post - No.868
1625347816729.jpg–(75.79KB, 575x1024, cat.jpg)

File: 1625176771898.png–(494.96KB, 943x720, consider.png)
Report post - No.835  [Reply]
We need a nailchan mascot. surely we have someone with enough artistic talent to make the nailgun cute, right?
¨ Report post - No.836
1625177646120.jpg–(1.04MB, 2618x3651, 1620410874330.jpg)
nailchan needs a nail-chan
¨ Report post - No.842
she's there, just stop taking your meds
¨ Report post - No.864
1625332555102.mp4–(4.04MB, 1280x720, 0:00, cirno nailgun.mp4)
right here

File: 1625272369222.jpg–(94.33KB, 1179x1275, 1625094841957.jpg)
Report post - No.850  [Reply]

¨ Report post - No.851
reply to my post you fucking pieces of scumbag shithead fuckdicks
¨ Report post - No.852

File: 1624417221411.jpg–(14.04KB, 454x340, reaction_image_1078.jpg)
Report post - No.639  [Reply]
What do you find in the almighty hall of knowledge?
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¨ Report post - No.646
Nope. Try again.
¨ Report post - No.662
¨ Report post - No.849

File: 1625237411082.mp3–(551.59KB, Tyrone Screams Yooooollllllllloooooooo.mp3)
Report post - No.845  [Reply]

¨ Report post - No.846  >>847
don't see why it's a problem
¨ Report post - No.847
simple as

File: 1625175458927.png–(160.16KB, 500x566, dubs-man-meme-2677168.png)
Report post - No.833  [Reply]
check em
¨ Report post - No.834  >>837
epic trip fail
¨ Report post - No.837

File: 1625166482990.jpg–(51.05KB, 512x512, sneed.jpg)
Report post - No.826  [Reply]  >>829
Sneed in TF2
¨ Report post - No.829
1625172170480.png–(19.39KB, 256x256, 4ea75011.vtf.0.png)
I love sneed
¨ Report post - No.830

File: 1625156480147.png–(27.43KB, 128x256, class_sel_sm_demo_ylw.png)
Report post - No.820  [Reply]  >>824
Yellow looks like shit. Every time I look at yellow's building in Flask I vomit.
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¨ Report post - No.825  >>828
how would you fix it?
¨ Report post - No.827
They finna make a brown team call it POOP lmfao no cap on book they finna call it PUSSIES OF OLD PEOPLE 😂😂😂
¨ Report post - No.828
By deleting the mode. No, not really. 4 team is only good in arena right now due to the devs doing literally 0 changes for every other mode to do balance. Multiple good 4 team ctf maps have been made so far but due to the gamemode itself sucking, it's a fucking horrible experience. And in any other objective mode that I've played so far, mainly plr_, the maps all suck due to being way too fucking spaced out.

How would I fix this? Get a competent dev team. Im not a dev.

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