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Embed: *OFFICAL* HALO INFINITE: Weapons Tier List (Worst to best weapons)–(YouTube)
Report post - No.1650  [Reply]
Is he right?
¨ Report post - No.1697
No one gives a fuck

Report post - No.1691  [Reply]
InterNIC—Public Information Regarding Internet Domain Name Registration Services

Do you have a complaint or dispute?

Your Registrar or Domain Name:

Domain Name Transfer Dispute
Unsolicited Renewal or Transfer Solicitation
Your Registrar is Not on the Accredited List
Unauthorized Transfer of Your Domain Name
Trademark Infringement
Registrar Services Dispute
Failure to answer phones or respond to email messages
Financial Transaction Issues
Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution (UDRP) Intake Report System
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¨ Report post - No.1693  >>1694
no i do not have a complaint or dispute
¨ Report post - No.1694
I'm happy to hear it
¨ Report post - No.1695

Report post - No.1674  [Reply]
Does anyone else think TF2 would be in a much better state today if (((They))) weren't involved? TFTubers are one of the worst things to ever happen to the community, and have greatly influenced opinions towards thinking that anything fun is "unbalanced".

Also, they fucking suck at the game.
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¨ Report post - No.1684  >>1686
Never actually knew about this channel. Seems really well done and straight to the point, but what's with the (2nd edition) stuff? Moreso, what happened to the channel?
¨ Report post - No.1686  >>1687
In 2012, he uploaded loads of Ron Paul campaign videos. In 2016, he changed the profile picture to the overwatch logo.
Now almost all the videos are gone, last time I checked about a year ago everything was there -- there was some very informational videos about the spy cloak volumes, for example.
This guy was in another league, considering when he was making these videos.
¨ Report post - No.1687
Sounds similar to what happened with OMFGNinja. To be fair, a lot of his tips and info on how to play spy well don't work as much in 2022, considering how much the playerbase has changed, but he was pretty fucking good for the time.

Then gamergate happened, and most recently he went full schizo and started talking about how Trump is literally a god while dressed in a wizard outfit. Deleted all his vids (including the tf2 ones) a year or so ago and suddenly put them back up a few months ago with no word.

I wonder if anyone's archived those videos though, it'd be a shame for them to be completely lost.

Report post - No.1669  [Reply]
Anybody want to talk about Recent Events
¨ Report post - No.1671
I guess not
¨ Report post - No.1683
what recent events?

File: 1645739046869.jpg–(77.58KB, 960x943, e57hd13fova51.jpg)
Report post - No.1665  [Reply]
I am banned from the Nailgun World discord and still post on Nail Chan
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¨ Report post - No.1680
discords ruin imageboards
¨ Report post - No.1682
this imageboard only exists because of discord
¨ Report post - No.1688
thats why its ruined

File: 1644662185000.jpg–(75.79KB, 1600x900, birdscout)
Report post - No.1641  [Reply]
Suggest names for TF2 Bots. NAOW
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¨ Report post - No.1651
Gravelpit B. Roof Esq
¨ Report post - No.1655
1644902750153.png–(75.38KB, 250x250, happyscout.png)
Thank you friends... :)
¨ Report post - No.1660
Why don’t you choke on this point right here

Report post - No.1640  [Reply]
I'm gonna nail you

File: 1644299618906.ogg–(967.14KB, Freesoftwaresong_126_mix.ogg)
Report post - No.1639  [Reply]

Report post - No.1591  [Reply]
When will the site admin, "Emma", IF that is even "her" "real" "name", shut down this site?
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¨ Report post - No.1636
¨ Report post - No.1637  >>1638
I hope not. I wouldn't be able to go on schizo rants infront of the tf2c redditors anymore...
¨ Report post - No.1638
i never see rants around here what are you talking about

File: 1644048981232.jpg–(202.15KB, 1024x768, 00242205.jpg)
Report post - No.1630  [Reply]
this is where i grew up
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¨ Report post - No.1632  >>1633
1644103412848.jpg–(98.02KB, 821x553, 4chanpartyvan.jpeg)

¨ Report post - No.1633
im the girl in the boo room
¨ Report post - No.1635
I want chell to peg me

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